cheap flights

How to travel cheap – The REAL Guide to Traveling on a Budget

cheap flights

I read other blogs with all this “advice” about buying credit cards, saving a billion air miles in a day to travel the world, and being able to sleep on a couch at some dude’s shed for free.

But let’s be real, who the heck reads that, goes out and splashes money on a debt collecting card and wants to sleep on a random shady couch? Not me. If you want to travel cheap, and stay somewhere that isn’t random af in the middle of no where, then here is my REAL guide.

Obviously I’m not the kind of guy who wants to backpack the world and reach spiritual enlightenment. I like to find the cheapest flights, and stay in an at least decent place.

My thing is, I will spend days searching through hotel comparisons – not to find the cheapest place, but to find a cheap place that offers all the features I feel I need.

For example, I’m going to Rome in February, I found return flights for $50 on Easy Jet (£43), and a hotel room next to the Coliseum (in the centre of the city) for 3 nights for $150. So for me and my girlfriend (flights and hotel), its $100 for 3 nights, 4 days in Rome.

But what about food, attractions, doing things? The way I see it, I’ll have extra money for food and emergencies, but I don’t have to spend it. Once the trip is paid, I’m going to be wandering the streets of Rome for 4 days.

Will I Starve? No.

Will I just stare at buildings and not do anything? No

I’m gonna worry about that when I get there.

If I have to, Rome has Mcdonalds

who have a dollar menu?

who have yummy ROMAN mcdoubles?

What could be better?

Of course I’m kidding, but I hope you see the point. There are always cheap ways about doing your trip if it comes down to it.

Money saving ideas:

  • Cook your own meals? Embrace the culture by shopping at the supermarket! Always interesting to see what you can find.
  • Eat out, but eat small – Google has priced menus. Plan ahead, look for cheaper places. Why not share a meal? Or just try appetizers – this way you can experience the cuisine without splashing out. 

So how to find the cheap deals?

I travel to America 1-2 times a month and people always say, “How do you afford it?” and the simple answer is: YOU CAN TRAVEL CHEAP!

Once more


Be Flexible. If you have a limited window whereby you can travel, it makes things far trickier. If, like me, you have flexibility then you have a great chance of finding the best deals.

 Don’t Neglect the airline websites!! Many people look to find great deals on flight comparison sights, which in all fairness are a great tool. However, flight websites show you the times of year where their flights are cheapest, and often have package deals too! Search “Low fare finder” and the airlines you want to explore to find the cheapest deals. 

cheap flights, British airways
low fare finder, cheap flights

Norwegian Airlines – Flying from England to Massachusetts once a month was all made possible thanks to Norwegian. The cheapest return flight I have purchased was around £200 ($220). Considering most Americans think traveling to Europe is a once in a lifetime event, think again! They also fly from other US locations so be sure to search their website using the low fare calendar.

Low fare calendar, Norwegian, flights
Low Fare Finder – £90 Flights

Google Flights – Not only do they compare flight websites, they show prices to various airports within the country you wish to travel, this helps get the price down even further.


Not sure where to travel? Use the flight map to show the cheapest destinations across the globe.

Look for One Way flights!! Sometimes flying one way can save you money as you can fly with different airlines, to different airports all of which can lower the price.

Be Aware! Flights go up and down daily. One day I found $40 return flights to Rome, the next day it shoots up. If you’re in no rush to book, take your time and check google flights everyday to see if there’s any price drops. It happens, a lot!

Booking hotels – I always use but be aware that their prices go up and down a lot, and they use cookies to track where your looking at visiting so be sure to reset your cookies and try using private browsing to ensure they don’t put prices up.

Found the perfect hotel? Be sure to check the hotels website, it’s always cheaper!! will charge the hotel money for using the site. Therefore, the hotel will prefer you using their own website to book. Check online, send them a message or call them and they will mostly offer a discounted price.

Share – I was once sceptical about sharing an apartment with strangers, but AirBnB is a great way to find shared accommodation that is safe and sometimes has more to offer than hotels. You can read reviews to make sure they’re legit, and if your traveling with a larger group then it can save you a lot of money!

To conclude, you can sometimes search to the death and drive yourself crazy with searching. But if you have the time, just have a quick look everyday to see if the prices go down, and use the search engines and airline websites to find the best deal!

6 thoughts on “How to travel cheap – The REAL Guide to Traveling on a Budget

  1. Love this post! It’s some pretty legit advice and as someone who wants to travel ALL the time (How I wish I could?!) It’s a lifesaver! The lowest fare times for flights were something I already kept and eye on yet there’s so much more! 😄

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